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Korean shamanism, folk magic, indigenous religion of Korea

Firelight Lotus

Are you ready to change your fate?


Mudang Seonmi

Mudang Seonmi is a spiritual consultant who strives to provide a safe space for those who identify as neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+, as she herself is diagnosed AuDHD and identifies as LGBTQIA+. She offers Korean shamanic services (for healing, love, luck, ancestral pains) as well as spiritual guidance and consulting. Mudang Seonmi's goal is to help you to connect with your spiritual self and find your true purpose. She believes in working with her clients to uncover their true power and potential.


All kinds of divination and psychic readings (modern methods such as cards, along with traditional methods of rice & coins & colored flags). It can be regarding love and relationships, career, guidance for future goals & desires, and inner growth and spiritual development.


굿 Grand Ceremonies

Often extensive in time and offerings but well worth the payout. These grand rituals are extensive in time, energy and cost due to the vast amount of offerings, custom made items from Korea and more. Grand ceremonies vary from one to the other, from client to client depending on needs and family history. These are typically only for dire situations.


Daemons can be the equivalent of animal guides or spirit guides. They also act as a familiar as well as an internal diagnostic tool, to help analyze and work through your thought process and emotions. Many therapists have found daemons as a mental health tool very helpful for their clients.

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