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Exclusive Services

Divination and spiritual consultation will help you define your path and expand the growth of your journey.

Rituals & ceremonies are often extensive in time and offerings but well worth the effort. These rituals at my shrine have the gods listen to your prayers and in return for the rituals, will make your desires reality.

Korean shaman mudang indigenous religion folk tradition

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Spiritual Consultation, Spirit-led Divination reading

All kinds of divination and psychic readings (modern methods such as cards, along with traditional methods of rice & coins & colored flags). It can be regarding love and relationships, career, guidance for future goals & desires, and inner growth and spiritual development.


$65 USD per 30 minutes.
$125.00 USD per 1 hour.
$125.00 USD per 1 week via email correspondence.

Prices may vary upon consideration.


기도 (prayer ritual)/제 (ritual)

Rituals to keep your lover, get justice, fertility, obtain luck, influence prosperity, and anything you may need help with in this life.

Prices vary, depending on situation and client's spirits. Contact for inquiry.


굿 Grand Ceremonies

Often extensive in time and energy but well worth the payout. These grand rituals are extensive due to the vast amount of offerings, custom made items from Korea, preparation, labor and more. Grand ceremonies vary from one to the other, from client to client depending on needs and family history. These are typically for moderate to severe situations.


[Grand ceremonies include: sacred, one time use items (many of our sacred items must be burned after ceremony), gongsu (god speech/fortune telling), offerings & more.]

Prices vary, depending on situation and client's spirits. Contact for inquiry.


Five Directions Ryeongki 령기 Therapy

It is somewhat similar to how reiki is conducted, however very few mudang in the United States are trained in long distance ki therapy to attune your energy and fix your blockages. I am one such person who can do long distance energy surgery and healing.

Base price for a half hour: $60.00 USD
Base price for a full hour: $110.00 USD


Daemon Reveals

Daemons can be the equivalent of animal guides or spirit guides. They also act as a familiar as well as an internal diagnostic tool, to help analyze and work through your thought process and emotions. Many therapists have found daemons as a mental health tool very helpful for their clients.


Your daemon's form is based off of a mix of animal symbolism, personality traits, and what the gods say. This process will take a lot of questioning from me to you throughout the time allotted.

Base price for a week: $50.00 USD
Base price for two weeks: $100.00 USD
Sliding scale can be discussed.


Subscription-based Private Discord

Private discord for subscription members in order to have 1v1 access for learning and questions with Mudang Seonmi.


$30 USD per 1 month.

$15.00 USD startup fee.

Students will only be accepted on a case by case basis.

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