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Korean shaman-priest mudang religion mugyo indigenous folk tradition


 안녕하세요! Born in Seoul, Korea, my family lived there until I was around six years old. I am officiated as a shaman-priest (무당/mudang) of indigenous Korean tradition. I had my initiation ceremony in 2017 with an elder mudang. I am also ordained through the Universal Life Church Ministries.

I am proud to be gyopo (korean diaspora), korean-american and I believe it helps me bring a unique twist as a mudang. I am the only practitioner of Five Directions Ryeongki 령기. I identify as LGBTQIA+ and am diagnosed AuDHD. My neurodivergency has come to be a massive strength both in perspective and practice.

THE MUDANG is my label - I was "the mudang" in the USA for the diaspora, due to the basis that I was the first contact online for many with this special tradition & spiritual world, beginning in 2014. My given Mudang name is 용서광, Dragon of the Aurora/First Light. There are many reasons as to why I was given this name, but one of which is that gods' energy is shown to me as a sparkling aurora-type light. I am proud to say that my strongest deity is the War Cutter Goddess of Death.

Since I was young, I have held an endless fascination with gods, spirits and magic. It became clear that the fascination I held was meant to prepare me for what was to come. I have had near death at the ocean, survived toxic situations, mental illness and finally, after years - I began to receive the spirits. One by one, they left me clear visions of my path as bright as day which led me to my initiation ceremony and the journey thereafter.

I hope to he[p you on your own journey. I welcome people of all communities, backgrounds, and life experiences!


I have been trained in folk magic, witchcraft and the healing arts since 2003. Officiated Korean shaman (무당) of indigenous Korean religion since 2017.

Mudang Seonmi's background: 

ACHS, Certificate of Herbal Studies, Dean's List: 2022

Korean Worshipers Association, Certificate of Mudang Credentials: 2017-2020

Kemetic Orthodoxy, Shemsu-hood (now Divined Remetj): 2012-2015

SPSCC, AA: 2008-2010

WAY OF MU - If you are Korean diaspora/adoptee, wanting to learn about our folk customs/traditions and celebrate with us, you can find us on facebook - simply contact me and let me know you're interested.

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