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Jishin: Goddess of the (Local) Earth

Jishin (otherwise known as T'eojushin) is our Earth Goddess. She is the land of the house you reside in. She is a guardian of the home, and helps remove bad luck from the house and gives good luck.

She can be enshrined in a small onggi filled with uncooked white rice, sometimes with coin currency mixed in. It can be refreshed once a year. After praying for 7 nights to the onggi, it is assumed that Jishin resides in it. You would place this onggi in a covered area of the backyard (such as inside the fence behind the house), or as close to the backyard as possible. The lid can be kept, and over that, straw or hemp (in a conical shape if you can) is kept. This is called dressing up the god. This particular dress is called t'eojutgeori. After each year, it is discarded in the mountains or burned. A new t'eojutgeori is placed in Lunar October.

Example of T'eojutgeori, KSTI.

Offering rituals must be done 3 times when a home is being build: 1) before building the house (a mudang must confirm that the god will accept the house), 2) after the soil is dug, and 3) after the house is built.

If you see a snake by your house, don't kill it! You can burn some hair and incense to drive the snake away or (if you have the knowledge and capability) you can gently move it off your property. If you feel anxious, unease, or experience misfortune in the house, you can do an offering ritual of red bean rice cake, or rice porridge, to Jishin.


  • She Who Gives Grain

  • She Who Brings Blessings

  • The Great Guardian

  • She Who Guards

  • The Ever Watchful Guardian

  • One Who Grants Luck

  • She Who Brings Fortune

  • She Who Banishes Misfortune

  • She Who Guards Against Evil

  • She Who Vanquishes the Lowly


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