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Korean Folk Magic: Cleansing & Purification

For anyone who wants to get started in KFM (or jusul), the core basics that any practitioner needs to be able to do well is cleansing and purification. These are two different things.

  • Cleansing - A method of spiritually cleansing space/people/things of attachments and negative energies. This can be considered spiritual hygiene that everyone should keep up on, think of it like maintaining a clean home.

  • Purification - A method of spiritually purifying a space/person/things' energy in order to enter a sacred area, undertake a sacred action, etc. This is a form of deeper cleansing, such as "deep spring cleaning".

Pine branch

For cleansing, there are a multitude of ways. Please see my tiktok (@themudang) and see my pinned video on how to use 3 incense sticks in order to cleanse your own body.

For your home, try out these methods:

  • Take a handful of adzuki beans (pat) and toss at each of the four sides of your home outside.

  • Sprinkle a mix of salt, red pepper powder (goch'ugaru), dried/crushed mugwort (Artemisia princeps) along each windowsill and doorway in your home.

  • Bring a pot of pine needles, red pepper powder (goch'ugaru), salt to a boil and bring the pot to each room of your home and waft the steam away from you (essentially out/away of the house).

  • Smoke cleanse with dried mugwort (Artemisia princeps).

  • Smoke cleanse with pine needles (** please take note that this can be dangerous if the place is not well ventilated, use at your own risk)

  • Keep a bowl of salt by the front door, and each time you enter the home, sprinkle salt over yourself.

For purification, deep cleaning or spray washing with the above ingredients and/or citrus peels, will be beneficial.

Before heading to a sacred space, shrine, or temple, wash yourself (at minimum, your hands) with a little bit of salt with the water. You can also sprinkle salt over yourself.


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