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Barigongju: Goddess of the Dead

Barigongju means Princess Bari. She is our Goddess of the Dead. While she works with Yeomra (God of the Underworld) and it is her realm, she primarily helps the dead pass into the underworld safely, guiding them along the way, so they may reincarnate.

She transcends vengeful spirits, she has the ability to resurrect the dead (in terms of their souls), and controls the dead and the process of death itself.

While anyone can pray to Barigongju, only mudang and baksu can enshrine them. If you had a family member pass within the last three years, people will commission us to perform jinokwi grand ceremonies to help the deceased pass on, guiding them through to become reincarnated, and giving the dead and the living a sense of closure.

Barigongju, by Kim Seunghi.

It is thought that Barigongju is the mainland equivalent of Jeju's Jach'eongbi. They both get flowers from Seoch'eon field and both hid their true identity by dressing as men. Jach'eongbi killed Jeongsunam and enemy soldiers with the Evil Heart flower, and her intention to trick others is emphasized, whereas with Barigongju, her goodwill and enduring benevolence are emphasized instead. If Jach'eongbi is a farmer who presides over the living, Barigongju is the princess who presides over the dead.


  • She Who Was Unmarked By the River

  • She Who Surpassed the Dangers

  • She Who Brings the Mineral Water

  • She Who Gives Sacred Water

  • She Who Guides Souls

  • She Who Blesses Our Dead

  • She Who Protects Our Dead

  • She Who Watches Over the Deceased

  • The Seventh Daughter

  • The Abandoned Daughter

  • The Abandoned Princess

  • She Who Is the Seventh

  • She Who Was Abandoned


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