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Yongwang: God of the Sea, Dragon King

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Dragons reside all around us. They are a strong form of nature spirit, and can be found in the ocean, rain, clouds, winds, rivers, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, and even the land itself.

Dragon spirits (yong, 용) can have very different personalities. Anyone can reach out to them and show them gratitude. But they all belong to the dragon courts where the King of Dragons rule. The caveat is that there are many different kinds of dragon courts, and each Sea has a King of Dragons. Their palaces are often well embellished with fine jewels and rare divine items and gifts. Yongwang brings harmony to the ocean with the wind and rain.

If a lot of your work deals with bodies of water, pray to Yongwang when you visit the ocean or lake/river. He is often the patron of fishermen. You can give offerings of cooked rice and clear liquor. You can revert the offerings when you're finished or compost/dispose of it. Only mudang (and special roles such as shrine attendants) take care of Yongwang shrines.

Depicted art of Yongwang, the Dragon King by Shen Yun Performing Arts.


  • The Great & Powerful

  • The Wise King

  • He Who Gives Life

  • He Who Grants Life

  • He Who Brings Forth Bounty

  • He Who Blesses the Grains

  • Strength of Our Nation

  • Of The First Royals

  • He Who Controls the Waves

  • He Who Controls the Fish

  • Lord of the Sea

  • King of the Sea

  • Great Beholder of Divine Jewels

  • Great Beholder of Yeouiju


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